Assistance to Minority Vendors

Assistance To Minority Vendors

Minority Business: The College of Charleston is committed to the fair and equal treatment of all persons interested in doing business with this institution. Additionally, the Procurement Office is interested in identifying South Carolina minority vendors for participation on the procurement process at the College. A minority vendor, as defined by Article 21, Subarticle 1, Item 2, Subsection A; "At least fifty-one percent owned by one or more citizens of the United States, who are determined to be socially or economically disadvantaged." It further defines socially and economically disadvantaged individuals as "those individuals who have been subject to racial or ethic prejudice or cultural bias because of their identification as members of a certain group, without regard to their individual qualities." Such groups include but are not limited to Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans (including American Indians, Eskimos, Aleuts, and Native Hawaiians), Asian Pacific Americans, white females and other minorities to be designated by the board or designated agency." If you are doing business with a vendor that you think may qualify as a minority, please indicate this on the purchase requisition, so that we may assist them in obtaining minority certification from the Governor's Office for Small and Minority Business Assistance. Any assistance that departments or program activities can provide in identifying these vendors will be greatly appreciated.

Minority Business Utilization Plan: Each year the College files a Minority Business Utilization Plan with the Governor's Office of Small and Minority Business Assistance to direct, record and report minority utilization. Each quarter we must report our progress. Our plan addresses the following six areas:

  1. Advertising for prospective bidders
  2. Inviting 25% MBE bidders to bid
  3. Establishing percentage and dollar goals for competitive awards based on controllable dollars
  4. Dividing larger contracts into smaller MBE areas
  5. Designation of bids for MBE competition only and
  6. Contract clause notifying South Carolina Tax credit for MBE utilization.

Links to minority vendor lists:  SC Certified Minority Vendors and Local State Certified Minority Vendors.

Contact the Office of Procurement to inquire if there are minority vendors available offering the goods or services you need or for a list of non-certified MBE vendors.