Exempted Products, Services, and Funds (Purchase Method Determinations)

Certain products and services are exempted from the Procurement Code by the Budget and Control Board. These items are listed in Appendix 4. Exemption from the Procurement Code does not in all cases mean exemption from control by the Procurement Office nor exemption from good business practices. The level of competition and approvals required will be determined by the Director of Procurement according to 11-35-710 and 19.445.2010 of the Procurement Code. Consequently, regardless of potential exempted status, all Requisitions/Requests will be submitted to the Procurement Office for a purchase method determination unless that determination has already been made, in writing. A determination, for general application, must be published in the Procurement and Supply Services Manual. Specific, Limited Purchase Method Determinations may be issued by the Director of Procurement in letter form to the individual with a copy to the Controller.

Wholly Derived Funds

Each request for purchase under Procurement Code section 11-35-710(6) "Wholly derived funds", must refer to the certification of the Controller that the funds cited are, in fact, wholly derived according to the definition in the Code and therefore exempt. (See Exempted Funds for additional guidance.) According to the Code, these funds can not be used to purchase construction, architect-engineer services, construction management, or land surveying services.


All purchase requisitions entered electronically into eProcure are encumbered when the approval process has been completed.

Year End Procurement Planning Deadlines: Most operating and equipment funds expire at fiscal year end. Funds not expended by year-end are recaptured by the State Treasurer, but commitments made are honored out of the next year’s funds. The procurement process (plan-compete-contract-receive-certify receipt-acceptance) must be complete prior to June 30th of the fiscal year. Deadline means the date the authorized request with all necessary approvals and specifications must be received in the Procurement Office. Your Procurement Officer will be able to advise you if your specific purchase can be accomplished. Please review the schedule and help us assist you in not losing funding for needed supplies or equipment.

Purchases that must be made using a Request for Proposal generally take longer and extra time should be allowed.

Note: On occasion the State Fiscal Accountability Authority has frozen the expenditure of appropriated funds, as has the President of the College, and in those instances these deadlines will not apply.