New Laws Affecting Procurement

Conservation: The State of South Carolina is, as is the nation, currently involved in passing a number of new laws to protect and conserve our environment. These laws, oftentimes, affect procurement and how certain purchases are to be made at the agency level. Procurement will notify user departments by means of updates to the Procurement and Supply Manual as we are made aware of the changes. Examples of bills that created change: Energy Management Bill and the Waste Management Bill.

Drug Free Workplace Act: The College, as required by Title 44, Code of Laws of South Carolina, Chapter 107, requires that all contractors (goods, services, or construction) and grants of $50,000 or more, including Sole Source and Emergency procurement certifies to us, the using agency, that they will provide a drug-free workplace in accordance with 44-107-30 and 44-107-40. This certification has been made part of the State's Invitation to Bid package.