Procurement Authority

All procurement actions by the College of Charleston, regardless of the funding source, are subject to control by the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code and the State Fiscal Accountability Authority. The President has delegated the authority to make all purchases and to enter into all procurement related contracts to the Director of Procurement and the Procurement staff, except for the following specific exclusions and responsible parties listed below:

  • Copyrighted Print and Non-Print Library Materials (Dean of Libraries)
  • Travel, under Travel Authorization (Controller)
  • Bookstore and Campus Shop Resale items (Bookstore Manager)
  • Classified and Unclassified Employee Costs (Director of Personnel)
  • Construction/Permanent Improvement Projects (Director of Physical Plant)
  • Acquisition/Disposal of Land and/or Buildings (Director of Facilities Planning)
  • Architectural and Engineering Services related to a Permanent Improvement Project (Director of Facilities Planning)
  • Real Property Leases through State Real Property Management (Director of Facilities Planning)

Authority to Contract

The President, Executive Vice President for Business Affairs, Director of Procurement and designated Procurement Officers are the only persons authorized to bind the College by contract. A properly executed purchase order constitutes a contract that is binding on the College and the supplier. The purchase order is the contractual method the College uses to purchase supplies, services, and equipment unless specifically exempted.

Procurement Law

The South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code governs the expenditure of all funds regardless of source unless specifically exempted. As an agency of the State of South Carolina the College of Charleston is required to adhere to and abide by the Procurement Code and its implementing regulations. Copies of the code and regulations are maintained in the office of each Procurement Officer. Where a procurement involves the expenditure of federal assistance or contract funds, the College is required to comply with the federal law and authorized regulations that are applicable even if not presently reflected in the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code. This includes the requirement to make sure no Federal funds or State funds flow out to an excluded person or organization. Therefore, prior to issuing a purchase order greater than $25,000, the Procurement Office will verify that the contractor has not been suspended, debarred, proposed for debarment or declared ineligible for award of contracts by any state or federal agency by searching, an official website of the U.S. government and SC DPS Administrative & Judicial Decisions: Suspensions & Debarments.


The State Fiscal Accountability Authority has certified the College of Charleston to make direct purchases of up to $250,000 for goods and services, and consultant services; $100,000 for Information Technology equipment and services. Certification also covers direct purchases of up to $50,000 for construction services, $50,000 for construction change orders, and, $15,000 for A&E amendments. Purchases, or changes, above these amounts are made by the Division of General Services through the Materials Management Office, the Information Technology Management Office, of the State Engineer's Office in Columbia, SC. The Procurement Director, Assistant Procurement Director and all Procurement Officers have procurement authority equal to the College’s certification.