Supply Management

Supply Management is responsible for equipment, materials and supply logistics after they are acquired. The responsibility includes receiving, storage and distribution, inventory management, and disposal of surplus property. The Central Warehouse operations consist of Central Stores, Academic/Administrative Furniture, Central Receiving, Shipping, and Storage. Property Management is responsible for maintaining an accurate and complete inventory of all College plant property and for the disposition of surplus material.

Central Stores

Central Stores maintains a stock of materials used in sufficient quantity by a number of departments or in a large enough quantity by any one department to allow the purchase of the commodity in economic quantities. This is the primary source for departments and activities of the College to acquire frequently used items. Central Stores stock includes the following supplies: janitorial, paper products, printed letter head envelopes, labels, and paper, small hand tools, plumbing, electrical, painting, lamps, filters, lumber. Central Stores also carries electrical fittings, nuts, bolts, screws and anchors for the exclusive use of Physical Plant and Residence Life.

Central Stores Catalog

The Central Stores Catalog is a listing of all material carried in Central Stores. See "How to order from Central Stores" section below for instructions on ordering stock. Qualified items (e.g. an item not being provided under an existing prime vendor contract) not currently stocked that are purchased routinely (multiple times per month) may be eligible to be stocked. Complete the New Item Request Form and submit to Central Stores Warehouse for consideration.

How to order from Central Stores

To place an order from Central Stores:

  • Search for the item(s) in the Central Stores Catalog in eProcure
  • Add the item(s) to your shopping cart
  • Take the shopping cart through the checkout process and place the order
  • After delivery, create a quantity receipt in eProcure 

Orders are usually delivered the next business day, except for bulk paper and bulk custodial orders. Bulk paper is delivered on Wednesdays - please submit your order by Tuesday afternoon. Bulk custodial supply orders are delivered on Fridays - please submit your order by Thursday afternoon. If you have an emergency order, please contact Central Stores directly.

 Visit the Central Stores website for additional information.


Deliveries of Central Stores stock are made to departments daily, with the exception of bulk deliveries. 

Central Warehouse

Central Receiving receives material (with few exceptions) shipped to the College, delivers material to the department, and delivers all Central Stores material. The same staff coordinates all outgoing shipments and maintains a Dead File and Department Storage area.

Receiving at the College

Normally all material ordered on a Purchase Order is shipped to Central Receiving, however, there are occasions when material may be sent directly to the department or picked up by the department. In either case, with only a few exceptions, Central Receiving must process a receipt in Banner for the vendor to be paid. If the quantity, description and price on the Purchase Order, invoice, and receiving documentation entered  match, Banner will automatically produce a check to be issued to the vendor. If one of these pieces is missing the vendor will not be paid. Consequently, receiving of information is an important function of the Procurement process.

Receipt processing involves verifying that the material received matches what was ordered on the purchase order and comparing the purchase order with the packing slip and/or any other shipping documentation that arrives with the material. It is the responsibility of the individual who receives the material to verify that condition, quantity, and description match with the purchase order. When material is received at Central Receiving, Central Warehouse personnel perform this function. If, and when, material is delivered directly to your department or picked up by your department, the end user is responsible for performing this function by certifying receipt in the eProcure system. Receivers should not be completed for goods or services not received even if an invoice has been sent by the vendor. Sometimes the Controller’s office will require the end user to sign a copy of the invoice, indicating the goods or services have been received and payment is authorized.

Central Receipts

When material is received at Central Receiving it is inspected for visible damage. If there is damage it is noted on the Freight Bill and the Procurement Officer notified. Material will normally be received, inspected and delivered to the department within 24 hours. When material is delivered to the department a "proof of delivery" signature and dates are obtained. There is no additional receipt responsibility for departments with central receipts. Central Receiving creates a receipt in Banner that allows the system to pay vendor for material received.

Department Receipts

Departments should create a receipt for their purchase orders in eProcure as they receive their goods or services. Instructions for entering receipts can be found in the eProcure Manual. Delays in entering receipts result in delayed payment to the vendor and can result in interest penalty charges to your department (under State law). Central Receiving cannot process completion in Banner until the department creates the receipt in eProcure.

Wrong Material Receipts

If you determine that the material you received is not what you ordered, contact the Procurement Officer who placed the order. The Procurement Officer will contact the company and arrange to have the correct material shipped and the incorrect material returned. If the material is to be shipped back by common carrier, prepare a Request to Central Warehouse. Include the following information; Purchase Order number, description and quantity, where the material is to be picked up, where it is be shipped or sent, and the value. Return the material and Request to Central Warehouse. If the material is too large or heavy to hand carry send the Request to the Central Warehouse and it will be picked up.

Damaged or Short Receipts
  • It is important that the following instructions be adhered to in order to comply with Interstate Commerce Regulations in making claims against either Common Carriers or Vendors.
  • If damage is apparent at the time of delivery, insist that the driver of the delivering carrier note the damage on the freight bill. Send your copy of the freight bill with a memorandum to the Procurement Officer describing the damage and advising if replacement is required.
  • Concealed damage (that which is not immediately apparent) must be reported to the delivery carrier within ten 10 days after the date of delivery. Hold the merchandise and all packaging material for the carrier's inspection. The claim may be declined if the carrier does not inspect packing material as well as the damaged article. Send a memorandum to the Procurement Officer describing the damage and location of the material so the carrier's inspector may be notified to make inspection.
  • A Shortage occurs when the quantity amount on the freight bill or packing slip is greater than the actual quantity received. If the shortage is noticed at the time of delivery, insist the driver note the shortage on both your copy and his copy of the freight bill. Wait three (3) days for delivery of missing packages. Prepare a partial receipt and forward to Central Receiving. If the package is not delivered in reasonable time, prepare a memorandum to the Procurement Officer describing missing item(s).  

Special Exceptions Receipts

Hazardous Materials

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) will normally arrive with any hazardous material. A copy of the MSDS is sent to Fire and Safety in campus mail. If you receive hazardous materials that appears to be leaking or is in damaged packaging, please contact Fire & Safety immediately with as much information as possible, to enable them to effectively respond to your call.

Live Plants and Animals

Normally live material is sent directly to the department. If by error the material comes through Central Receiving the package is not opened except to obtain the packing slip and the material is sent immediately to the department. If there is a discrepancy, notify Central Receiving immediately upon discovery.

Overshipments and Wrong Material

Every effort is made to obtain the correct material and to return wrong material to the vendor. This involves coordinating with the Procurement Officer, the department, and the vendor. In the case of over shipments the vendor is contacted and requested that the material be picked up or a call tag issued (return authorization). If wrong material is received the Procurement Officer will make arrangements for the vendor to exchange the material. The material is placed in "frustrated material" status at the Central Warehouse until proper resolution of the problem.

Expedited Material

When material is received at Central Receiving via an express carrier (Federal Express, UPS Overnight, etc.) the department will be called if the material can not be delivered within two (2) hours.

Department Receipts Shipped to Central Receiving

When material is sent to Central Receiving that should have been sent to the department, Central Receiving will deliver the material to the department with the next scheduled delivery. The department as the scheduled receipt location is still responsible for processing the "receiving" copy of the Purchase Order.

Personal Packages

Neither security nor delivery can be provided for personal shipments with State supported resources. Personal packages will be rejected by Central Receiving. Do not have anything of a personal nature shipped to Central Receiving or the Central Warehouse.

C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery)

The College has no provisions to accept C.O.D. deliveries and they will be refused. Material that arrives at Central Receiving without a valid College of Charleston Purchase Order number may also be refused.

Other Material sent with Shipment Any catalogs, technical manuals, or warranty documents that are discovered in the receiving process are turned over to the ordering department with the material.

Shipping Material

Central Warehouse can ship out packages, return samples, send equipment for repair and exchange material ordered incorrectly. If material or equipment needs to be shipped out prepare an IDT.  If there are any charges associated with shipping the material (for example cost of repair, shipping charges, restocking charge, etc.), the shipping label should be created by the department using the OptiFreight Web Portal.  Include the following information with your request: pre-printed shipping label, complete shipping address where the material is to be sent; value of the material for insurance purposes, the reason the material is being returned and any correspondence that needs to accompany the material. Forward the material to Central Warehouse with the IDT. The Central Warehouse can pick up the material and assist with packaging the material if necessary. If it is beyond our capability to physically handle the material a request to the Physical Plant may be necessary to have the material delivered to the Central Warehouse loading dock.

Express Shipping

The College partners with OptiFreight (FedEx) for our outbound shipping needs. Create a shipping label on their portal. United States Postal Service (USPS) Overnight express shipment of packages (under 70 lbs.) and letters can be sent through the College Mail Services. It is the department's responsibility to get the letter or package to the Mailroom with a Requisition/Request(IDT) for shipping charges. Mailing labels and envelopes are available at the Mail Services.


Departmental Storage

Neither the College nor the State is in the long-term storage business. Short-term (3 months or less) storage of material and/or equipment is available on a limited basis. An IDT Form requesting storage should be sent to the Fleet & Supply Manager. The IDT should list the material to be stored, duration of storage and correct accounting data. If an off campus storage unit is rented the department will be charged actual costs plus handling.

Central Warehouse personnel will advise if the storage request is approved. The department requesting the storage must arrange transportation of the materials to the warehouse. At the end of three months if the material has not been returned to the department, they have the following options: At the end of three months if the material has not been returned to the department, they have the following options:

(1) The material will be returned to the department, or

(2) The material will be declared Surplus and offered to other departments.

Please note that leaving the material and/or equipment in storage beyond the 3 month period is not an option.

Dead File Storage

Central Warehouse has set aside a limited storage area for Dead File Storage. State law requires that some records be maintained for 3 to 5 years. If the department has records that need to be stored, prepare a Requisition/Request (IDT) with a description and quantity of boxes that need to be stored and the length of time storage is required. Boxes (stock #61252) and Dead File Storage Labels (stock# 61097) are available from Central Stores. Only Dead File Storage boxes properly labeled, will be accepted. Send the IDT to Central Warehouse and the boxes will be picked up. Your department will be sent a notice requesting disposition when your dead file storage disposal date is pending. When the storage time has expired department's have several options(1) notify Central Warehouse to dispose of the files or; (2) request that the boxes be returned to your department or; (3) Request that the files be archived. Requests for archiving must cite accounting data on the IDT. Extending the storage time is not an option. If no response is received to the request for disposition letter, the files will be returned to the department for disposal.